Annie donovan baby vape Video

A viral video of Annie Donovan giving a vape to her 11-month-old baby has sparked outrage and concern among netizens. The video shows Donovan holding a vape pen to her baby’s mouth, causing the infant to inhale and cough before exhaling smoke. Many people have expressed anger and disgust over this unacceptable act, and some have even called for legal action to be taken against Donovan. The incident has also raised concerns about the safety of vaping and its potential health consequences, particularly for young children whose delicate lungs can be easily damaged by inhaling smoke or vapor.

Annie Donovan baby video sparks outrage online

A widely circulated video on the internet shows Annie Donovan, a mother, making her 11-month-old baby try a vape, causing outrage among netizens. Donovan shared the video on Facebook, in which she can be seen holding the vape pen to the baby’s mouth. The infant inhales from it, coughs, and exhales smoke while Donovan laughs and calls it “funny.” Social media users who came across the video expressed anger and questioned why a mother would do such a thing. Some even labeled Donovan as a “disgusting feral thing” and were relieved that the video was reported.

Annie Donovan Baby Video

The public is outraged by Annie Donovan’s video, in which she is seen giving a vape pen to a baby, an unacceptable act that has raised questions about her parenting style. The incident has also sparked concerns about the safety of vaping and its potential consequences.

Annie Donovan, a senior advisor for The Rise Fund, a firm that specializes in impact investing, has worked as the CEO of the Coop Foundation and as the director of the Citi Foundation, according to her Twitter profile. It is baffling to see that someone with such an education could do something so foolish.

In the video, Donovan holds a baby and brings a vape pen close to the baby’s mouth. The baby appears to inhale from the pen, and Donovan can be heard laughing and saying, “that’s so funny.”

The video has sparked widespread outrage, with many people expressing concern for the baby’s health and safety. Some have even begun questioning Donovan’s ability to care for a child.

Annie Donovan’s infant vaping video outraged netizens

Upon seeing the video, netizens immediately expressed their anger and reported the video on Facebook, where it was originally shared. Some users condemned Annie Donovan’s actions, calling her “disgusting” and stating that the baby deserves better.

Others expressed concern for the baby’s well-being and questioned whether he was alright after the incident.

According to a post by Bonnie-j Dn on social media, the infant was taken to the hospital after being given a vape by his mother, Annie Donovan. While many netizens were still disturbed by the thought of the child being given a vape, they were relieved to hear that he received medical attention.

What are the hazards of vaping?

The act of giving a vape to a baby is entirely unacceptable due to the numerous health risks associated with vaping. Vaping has been linked to lung damage, heart problems, addiction, severe lung illness, and even death, as reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The delicate lungs of babies can easily be damaged by inhaling smoke or vapor, and the chemicals in vape juice can be toxic and addictive. Annie Donovan’s decision to give a vape to a baby has raised concerns about the safety of the child and the potential long-term effects of vaping on their health. Furthermore, a child should not be exposed to an adult addicted to vaping as it can seriously affect their respiratory health.


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